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Eve Rogans has been working as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist for nearly 40 years, after graduating in 1981 from the International College of Oriental Medicine on the 3 year degree course. She studied Traditional Chinese Herbalism with Ted Kaptchuk OMD over 2 years, followed up by two periods of clinical training in Nanjing, China.

Later on, she completed, and later taught on, a paediatric acupuncture course, and has done further specialist training in obstetrics and IVF for Chinese medicine practitioners. She has also done sleep training for children with learning difficulties.

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She has continually worked both in private practice and in funded or NHS clinics, such as Hoxton Health Group, a funded project in Hackney for older people. She worked for 15 years in Enfield Community Drug and Alcohol Service (part of the NHS mental health trust) and won National Lottery funding to take acupuncture into sheltered housing for older people in Camden. She also started a multibed clinic in Highgate with some of the lottery money, to provide affordable acupuncture to local people.

“I feel much better in myself. I’m not in constant pain any more since I’ve been having acupuncture.” GW, Finsbury Park

She specialises in women’s health and is an active member of Acupuncture for Childbirth Team London (ACTLondon), doing pregnancy and obstetric, as well as fertility acupuncture. She also works with babies and children, a specialised type of acupuncture.

"My baby boy was born Wednesday night, 6lbs 3ozs. Very beautiful. Thank you for helping him come into the world Eve." - MB, 40 yrs old, south London

Fertility, Pregnancy & Obstetric, please visit ACTLondon
Children, please visit - list of paediatric practioners

"I felt so good after last week! My headache went straight away and my eyes looked so bright." AM, Women & Health

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